Well, I haven’t posted in forever, if there is anyone out there who noticed.

Online learning for my grandchild here in the house keeps my time.

I enjoy him and am glad that there is a reason to be with him so often.

This, and any that follow for awhile are old doodles. I just had a few minutes

today to post. Keep calm and crayon.

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Yes, it is called B.S., but haha it isn’t what you think.  It is a bathroom stool.  When I run out of scribbles to fill in, it seemed a good idea to scribble something I may look at in the home.  From a certain point of view it never looks like the material thing.  I forget what the technical term for the drawings are if you just do something loose while looking at an object, but I do remember doing these in a class when I was younger.


ZigZag 1

I knew or actually still know someone with a license plate “Zig” and some numbers of some sort.  He was looking for the “Zag” and hoped to some day find it and take a picture alongside that vehicle with his own.  I truly wish he finds that car.



PS really stands for pencil sharpener.  Its an odd one made by Faber Castell.  It opens and closes into this triangle shape.  Of course I added one triangle in my doodle and they never really represent the subject perfectly.  That isn’t the point.  The idea is to have something to inspire the line but not decide where it may lead eventually.

Inner Space


InnerSpaceWhen I think of inner space, I think of inside the body.  I know there isn’t as much space there as the outer, or is there?  The inner ear is interesting.  Supposedly there is a canal of sorts that links our eyes, ears, nose and throat.  That sounds like loads of space.  There is way too much space we don’t use in the brain.  Wondering about that can frustrate me.  Why can’t I get in touch with THAT space?



I was on my way to a class reunion and a funeral.  We flew over a large city that seemed to go on and on forever.  what have we done?  We are so prevalent (I think that’s the word), so many of us that it is spooky.  Are we off track?  I was not thinking of a city when I doodled this.  It was just a zigzag pattern to play with, which when done, looked like a futuristic city.  I hope and wish we make it.



A bit the way my life has been.  Many turns and even turn-arounds.  I think that even some of the time I had very little use of brain power considering what I chose to do.  Always at the time things seemed so sensible too.  My sister seemed to make the proper choices most of the time.  But in the end, we are equals.



There definitely was a change!  I am now married again which is one of the biggest changes a person can make!  I had no idea when I made this that there would be the change I stated.  It was just that there would be dark colors in this one to try.  Of course it did not come out to my liking.  My internal colors are different.  But sometimes we must try something to see how we like it and I did not!  The other change that happened is nice though.